THE FRIENDS & FAMILY TEST - using Synapta 

From April 2013 patients in Hospitals will be asked simple questions to find out if they would recommend a particular A&E department or ward to their friends and family following care or treatment.

The aim of this test is to measure and improve the services for patients, based on their experiences.Synapta1


The Friends and Family Test (FFT) aims to provide a simple, headline metric which, when combined with follow-up questions, can be used to drive cultural change and continuous improvements in the quality of the care received by NHS patients.

The Department of Health (DH) is now requesting that every patient, discharged from Hospital, after treatment or care, is asked a few questions. The main question relates to whether they would recommend the service they have received, to their Friends and Family.

In January 2013, the Prime Minister stated that ALL parts of the NHS will now be required to use the FFT. As yet, we don't know the date of start for Community and Primary Care, but we would expect it to start initial roll-outs soon, for those Trusts we are already working with, who have access to appropriate technologies.