Benefits of Using Mobile to Deliver
the Friends & Family Test

Speed & EffectivenessSynapta3

The average time taken to read and respond to a text message is around 4 minutes, compare this to email (assuming it made it past the spam filters) and it’s around 48 hours. In 2010 Nokia measured that we interact with our mobiles around 150 times a day during waking hours. We look to them to carry out small, quick tasks that fit neatly into down-time and are more likely to complete these tasks via mobile than other methods.

Private & Securesynapta15

Mobiles are highly personal devices so they are a great way of ensuring you contact the individual you intend. We can even prevent individual patients from participating more than once, or control the number of invites in a particular time-frame, as well as protect data from artificial skew.

Levels of Engagement

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust, both rated SMS 10 out of 10 as a highly engaging way of gathering patient feedback using the Synapta platform.

Quality of Datasynapta16

Survey participants are more candid and honest when they participate in surveys via SMS, than they would be if they
 were surveyed at the point of experience in person, or in a situation where they may need assistance to participate. Its also easier for people to think about their experience objectively, once they are out of the hospital environment and are at home.


Participants are using their own handset. This takes the technology out of the equation and allows the participant to just focus on the questions and their responses.

Response rates

It is a requirement for FFT data to achieve a minimum 15% completion rate on surveys. In work with PWC and Inspiration NW, we have already achieved average response rates between 46% and 58% for SMS-based surveys - even when the survey is not expected by the service user. Higher response rates mean more robust data for Trusts to accurately monitor their performance.

Free to Participate

We use free-to-text short- code numbers that guarantee participants won’t be charged at any stage of their mobile interaction with a Trust.


Mobile is a zero-wastage model for performing research. No paper and our environmentally responsible hosting, creation and management of the Synapta platform, means mobile ticks all the right boxes.