Mobile Health Solutions

Healthcare providers can make use of Synapta, our extensive mobile engagement platform, to enhance
and facilitate service improvement. This enables them to spend more time with their patients and help improve the care they provide.synapta22

Patient Health Promotion

Mobile marketing services are relevant to health care. Providing engagement and interaction opportunities via mobile can improve and enhance promotion of health services such as smoking cessation, healthy eating, routine screening and awareness campaigns.

Health Tips

A recent survey showed that patients’ expectations for healthcare providers are evolving and that 80% of the respondents want their doctors to deliver services that help to keep them healthy as well as treating them when they are sick. Providing daily tips or medication reminders via SMS and delivering mobile micro sites for information access are just a few ways that Synapta can help healthcare providers enhance their proactive services for patients. 

Remote Care Servicesremote care

Our mobile diary functionality can enable patients to easily monitor their progress and share it with health professionals without the need to appear at health centres in person unnecessarily.

This can help with conditions such as diabetes, supporting weight loss, smoking cessation and many others.

Clinical research

Diary and patient reporting through our mobile services allow patients involved in clinical research and trials to efficiently, accurately and securely provide timely feedback. Alerting services can also remind patients when they need to take actions such as completing reports or talking medication. 

Appointment remindersred x plaster

SMS reminders are a highly effective way of reducing ‘do not attends’ (DNAs) and making considerable cost savings associated with missed appointments. Introducing SMS text can reduce the percentage of DNAs by up to 65% making significant savings and helping Trusts to achieve the DH’s national targets. While NHS mail can offer SMS reminders, we enhance the services with potential for 2-way conversation for re-arrangements as well as management of permissions and opt-outs.

Medication Alerts

Taking medication on time has a significant effect on treatment efficiency. Enabling automatic SMS reminders to be sent
to patients to remind them when it is time to take their medication assists the patient and ensures their medication can work effectively.