Mobile Survey FAQS

How do we make sure our questions fit in a text message?

Although a standard text message is 160 characters (20 more than a tweet), Synapta automatically joins together multiple parts of messages if you need to use more characters. When this appears on a participants mobile handset, it will appear as a single message. Likewise, if respondents send long replies that span more than one message length, the platform will receive, process, store and report this as a single entity.

What about older demographics, will they use it?synapta23

68% of over 65s now have a mobile and its one of the fastest growing groups. This compares to just 46% of over 65s that have access to the internet in their home.

Although only around 15% of 65+ age range send a text message daily, this exceeds their use of daily email (10%). (Ofcom Communications Market report 2012). In NHS trials, we still get good response rates from senior service users.

What about interactive screens at the point of experience?

There are a few downsides to using feedback points at the point of experience. One of the key ones for FFT is ensuring that patients only provide their feedback once they have been discharged (and by necessity within 48-hours of discharge). its also a one-to-many device, so if a person is already using it, someone else waiting is likely to leave without feeding back, rather than waiting.

Add to this the cost of hardware, security and maintenance of the device and the task of advertising its location and feedback points fail to stack up to the volume requirements for FFT, especially since no additional budgets are provided to deliver the service.

Sterilisation of a one-to-many device is also an important consideration. 

Will patients be reluctant to supply a mobile number?

In our experience this is not a problem and during our work with Trusts, they reported that they did not experience any difficulties or negativities in gathering patient’s mobile numbers. The Synapta platform ensures that data protection and privacy is maintained at all times.

We are required to report the fft feedback data, how does synapta do this?

All of the patient feedback data is automatically reported in real-time, so you are able
to view it within minutes
of issuing the survey. The reports are all available online and can easily be shared with appropriate stakeholders. Custom reports can also be configured easily so you always have the data you need in the right format.

Are there really a significant number of mobile-only households?

While mobile-only homes have risen to 15% in 2012, the increase has been greatest in the 16-24 and 25-34 age groups. 33% of 16-24s and 26% of 25-34s now live in mobile-only households. Mobile is a great way to be sure you are contacting the right individual in a household regardless of whether there is a landline, its so much more personal and direct.

What about supporting languages other than English?

Synapta is capable of delivering messages using non western, latin character-sets including, but not limited to, Arabic and simplified Chinese. Offering the survey in other languages via SMS is easy and reliable with the Synapta platform.