What is the FFT Mobile Survey Process?

With Synapta, surveys can be issued via invite over SMS,
or can be patient initiated by texting in a keyword to register themselves into the survey. There are many benefits to both methods and depending on the scenario, they offer flexibility for ensuring patients have the opportunity to participate in FFT feedback.

Benefits of invitation based surveySynapta4

  • All patients are automatically invited to feedback

  • Doesn’t rely on patient reading or being instructed on how to participate later

  • Controls the time frame within which the patient is invited to participate and ensures it is post treatment and discharge

  • Ensures that the invite is only sent to the patient and is secure and anonymous

Benefits of self-selection survey


  • Doesn’t require admissions staff to input additional contact data

  • Patients can opt in during their wait time - perhaps using their SPELL number to identify them only to the Hospital

  • SPELL number automatically allows Hospital to verify the patients and location and allows merging into existing systems data at a convenient time in the future

  • Can ensure that only patients take part in the survey by restricting access via a unique identifier that the patient sends in with their participation request

  • Can use automatic time delays to ensure the survey is not completed before treatment and discharge