What is synapta?Synapta6

synapta is the brand-name for our mobile engagement platform, that delivers 360-degree mobile relationship management, from marketing through to loyalty and ongoing dialogue, research and customer feedback. It is designed and managed by the 3rd Degree. It was probably the world's first enterprise-class, SMS system capable of doing research using Surveys that could handle different question types, routing and much more. Synpata today is that and more. It is capable of integrating all mobile technologies, including social networking, into a single platform. 

Within the NHS, Good4HEALTH has been using Synapta with Trusts in England for a number of years, offering a

    • robust
    • reliable
    • affordable

SMS platform for Patient Engagement that issynapta9

    • systematic
    • integrated
    • patient-centric
    • intuitive

and more than anything else,

    • requires no time from busy clinicians and support staff.

It produces

    • simple
    • concise

reports of both

    • quantitative and
    • qualitative data

- giving Trusts the opportunity to elicit service improvement ideas from the patient feedback.


synapta is accessed securely online using just a web browser. Manage contact information, broadcast messages and 2-way dialogue, such as surveys, with real-time reports built right in.

synapta handles connectivity to the mobile networks, user roles and permissions and data security. It can be run as a shared, dedicated, on-site or NHS-net solution, but is always accessed through a web browser, so no client software needs to be installed to use Synapta's comprehensive mobile toolkit.