Why use synapta’s 
Mobile Solution
to deliver the FFT?Synapta6

Hands up, we’re all living our lives on mobile. it’s never more than 3 feet from us and we glance at it at least 150 times a day, that’s roughly every 5 minutes. We liberate our work lives, organise our home lives and strengthen our social lives through our mobile phones. Over 90% of adults in the UK have a mobile and SMS is the most widely used data application on the planet. Mobile is the most potent form of media in the history of mankind.

Synapta has a proven track record for delivering patient feedback over mobile for the NHS. Not all mobile research platforms are equal. Synapta was the first commercially available mobile research tool in the UK and continues to lead the field. The methods and capability of Synapta have proven themselves to be the right choice for patients and Trusts to deliver measured feedback for monitoring and change.synapta10

Synapta comes with a feature-rich research module. This lets you design and launch surveys ultra-quickly so you
 can conduct planned and ad-
hoc research, instantly and effectively with real-time reporting and analysis.

Synapta’s capability goes far beyond research though. 
It delivers alerts and reminders, information and content delivery channels and mobile web to engage patients at all levels from staying healthy tips, to appointment reminders, treatment diaries and feedback - all from a single platform.

Auto-Coding of Responses - Based on Sentiment Analysis

The synapta platform 
also has an optional verbatim coding system that can identify sentiment and automatically code responses or comments as accurately as human coders.

This is an intelligent, learning system. You work with it to create multiple codes - then the system learns how to read free-text comments and code them - all much faster and more accuratelty than people can.

Great participant experience

People find it easy to take part through the personal medium
of the mobile, as they can do it anywhere. This relaxed state of mind leads to an open dialogue with the patient.

High quality real-time data

Participants tend to be more candid and straight to the point when participating in a Synapta mobile survey. They respond quickly and you can see the data in real-time so you can react, adapt and respond accordingly.

Secure & scalable

Synapta is designed, developed and maintained in the UK and all of your data is held in secure databases within the UK at all times. The platform itself has high levels of security and role management to control who has access to data in your organisation and maintains a full real-time audit trail.
All of Synapta’s messages
are delivered through Tier1 UK connectivity so your messages are delivered via super fast, direct, UK-only routes that can handle thousands of messages a second.